Laker Food Pantry: How students can get involved and utilize it

Zoё Donovan, Editor-In-Chief

The Lake Land food pantry is not only a way for students to help out in their community but also a place that students who need help can reach out to. The food pantry is organized through Sharon Uphoff, Lake Land’s campus nurse. She is currently located in the West Building in Ag Conference room 072.

The food pantry is meant to be discrete and accessible to students in need. No financial information is needed, students will only be asked to provide the number of people living in their household and to fill out the shopping list online here. This site also provides additional information on the program. The food pantry does not currently have space for students to “shop”, instead they are asked to collect the items from Uphoff or another faculty member after they have been collected. As campus renovations continue a new space for the food pantry is hopeful.

Clubs and individuals  that are interested in collecting donations or volunteering can contact Uphoff for more information, at her office, by phone at 217-234-5276, or by email at [email protected]  

The food pantry is currently looking for donations of the following items: Canned spaghetti sauce, boxed cereal, canned fruit, peanut butter, jelly, soups and stews (individual servings), pasta (individual servings), ramen noodles (individual servings), fruit cups (individual servings), macaroni and cheese (individual servings), and reusable shopping bags.


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