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Kory Stone, Writer

Located at the corner of 10th and Dewit in Mattoon, Full Contact Fitness Club is changing, not only the way people train and exercise, but also the way they pay for their membership. Full Contact Fitness Club only requires that every member contribute, whether that is financially, through a service or by bartering. Their program “Work for a Workout,” encourages its members to utilize whatever means they have in order to contribute. They never want money to be an issue that would hinder anyone from getting involved in a fitness and training program they enjoy. Furthermore, they want to utilize people’s strengths to help with the club/business. They have many specials and deals that allow people to work off a week, two weeks and or a month worth of a membership. These may include, but are not limited to things like cleaning, marketing, graphic designing etc. If someone would rather work on bringing in four new people a month to a class then pay the 40$ for a full membership, then that is one of the many options they have.

The reason they have built their business model around this is that they consider themselves a “For-Purpose” business, which crosses both non-profit and for-profit business models. Each founder feels that it is the love and passion for the sport and the people in it that makes the gym a success — meaning it’s not about the money, but instead about the lives changed for the better.

They have classes for both beginners and seasoned athletes and believe in studying and applying the top cutting-edge techniques and philosophies for combat sports, fitness training, fitness psychology and nutrition. In their classes, instructors work specifically on building every aspect of your fight & fitness — from strength, speed, cardio and control to agility, balance, flexibility, precision and self-defense. The combat sports they teach are muay thai, kickboxing, boxing and MMA and street self-defense. Instructors and students can train together and eventually compete in combat sports events either locally or around the midwest. To find out more information, please visit or call (217) 317-1345

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