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Story of the Lake Land College Cheerleaders


Lake Land College

Ashton Lib flies high during a game.

Kory Stone, Writer

According to the National Cheerleaders Union, the history of cheering is closely tied to the history of sports, the sporting venues, and overall crowd participation at many athletic events. The initial sporting environment to witness the birth of cheering was held in 1869 between Princeton University and host school Rutgers University located in Piscataway, New Jersey, Northeastern USA; setting the stage for cheering to begin.

Lake Land’s cheer history dates back to the 1960’s says Dessie Boeser, the head coach for the Lake Land cheer team. Boeser first got involved in the program back 98/99 as a cheerleader herself. She later returned in 2000 and stayed on as an assistant coach until 2007. Five years later she took over as head coach in 2012 and has remained to this day.

The cheer team cheers for both the men and women’s basketball team. They also compete and have brought home several National Championship Banners throughout the years. Students

from the cheer teams throughout the past have gone on to cheer at universities, compete further on teams and even started coaching teams of their own. When asked how the program has changed, Ms. Boeser says “In the past we just cheered at men’s games, now we are competing with bringing the program up to date, we condition and have more and longer practices. We offer scholarships. We are very involved in community events such as Relay for Life and Special Olympics.”  The program is also known to offer Jr High and High school home camps, and a kiddie camp in the summer.

One misconception is that cheering is only a women’s sport. But Ms. Boeser also says that, “Although it seems cheer is more of a women’s sport, it is not. We have had several male cheerleaders in the past. Male cheerleaders bring voice and strength to the program. We are always looking for males to tryout and join.”

So regardless of what sex one may be, if you’re interested in trying out, they hold tryouts every spring or towards the beginning of summer.  They also have open gyms every Monday in June and tryouts will be held on June 27th. In addition, this year they are starting a stunt camp for those who are wanting to learn the safety and techniques of stunting. For more info you can reach Dessie Boeser at [email protected] or by phone at 234-5056

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