Beloved childhood movies gets an upgrade

Brody Sparks, Staff Writer

The Jungle Book is one of the few iconic stories that has transcended generations. Many children throughout the decades have grown up singing about the bare necessities of life and, thanks to Walt Disney Studios, the current generation will be able to carry on the heartwarming family oriented story as well. On Friday, April 15 a live action remake of the original 1967 Jungle Book will be released in theaters around the nation.
The movie uses musical aspects and animation to tell the story of Mowgli, an orphaned boy who is found in a basket in the Indian Jungle by Bagherra, a black panther who takes the boy to a wolf mother who has just given birth to pups and will raise him as one of her own. After the boy reaches the age of ten, the wolves learn that Shere Khan, a man eating tiger has returned to the jungle. In order to help Mowgli escape Shere Khan’s wrath, Bagherra agrees to help the boy find his way to a nearby village of humans to start his life anew. Along the way the Bagherra and Mowgli come across a variety of animals, some good and some bad, that help teach Mowgli about life in the jungle and represent several different walks of life.
This iconic story will now be told with the help of many infamous actors such as Scarlett Johansson who will voice one of the antagonists Kaa the cobra, Bill Murray voices Baloo the free spirited bear, Ben Kingsley who voices Bagheera the black panther, and Christopher Walken who voices King Louie, a mischievous orangutan that leads the apes.  The fact that so many talented actors went out of their way to help remake this film is enough to consider this movie as a “must see”.
For those who grew up knowing the story of the Jungle Book, nostalgia alone will be enough to bring many of them to the theaters on April 15 to see the release. Now that those children who grew up watching the 1994 version are now old enough to have children of their own, perhaps many will bring their families to enjoy the remake of the masterpiece they enjoyed as children.

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