Welcome to Candy-Lake Land!

Lake Land’s Annual Spring Carnival is set to debut once again in May!


Allison Wheeler, Copy Editor

Lake Land College’s Student Activity Board, or SAB, work passionately and diligently to bring students fun and free activities every Wednesday. They volunteer their own time to plan these events in order to help students unwind from the stressful workload during the semester. The activities can range from comedy shows to carnivals, and this month happens to be the when the annual Spring Carnival is coming back to campus.
This year the date has been set for May 4th from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., located in the the Field House. As usual this is a free event open to all students and the food and activities that are being provided are also completely free. As students arrive the Lake Land College Radio Station will be playing music hits as people travel around to various activities.  Some activities that are being provided are a booth to make photo candy boxes, have balloon and/or body art completed, visit the Airbrush Extravaganza to get a personalized item and there will even be a Hungry-Hungry Hippo and Plink-o inflatables there as well. To add to the fun, a scavenger hunt is being set up for students to explore and find different things within the Field House.
As students walk around, they can also enjoy a wide variety of food including:  walking tacos, ice cream, popcorn and lemon shake-ups!  The three hour event looks like a promising time for students to have fun and de-stress before the end of the semester and finals hit the following week.
The Student Activity Board is open to all students willing to volunteer their time to improving campus life.  If you are interested in joining SAB in the Fall semester, or have questions about the Spring Carnival, please come and visit the Student Life Office in the Luther Student Center or call our office at 217-234-5277 for more information.

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