5 Student Life Hacks

Sara McRoberts, Campus and Features Editor


Entering adulthood is a lot like opening a bag of chips. You are so excited for something new, to open up a new “bag” of opportunities. But once the bag is opened, its contents are half full. It is easy to think adults have it all together and once 18 is thrust upon you; the ways of adult living will come naturally. But they do not and there are so many things about being an adult nobody tells you. So I have created a list of must-knows for adult college life to help guide your way through and let you enjoy that half full bag of chips.

The first thing you need to know is to invest in naps. Students have this common misconception that it is pointless to nap unless you are going to nap in length. However, this is not the case. An article written from Collegiate Times explains, “…it has been proven sleeping for 15-to-20 minutes at a time during the day can energize you more efficiently than drinking coffee or energy drinks.” Luckily, even a ten minute rest can set you back on your feet and get you studying once again.

Use old toilet paper rolls or old cans of soda for pencil holders and wash red solo cups instead of throwing them out.”

The next thing you have to know is your way around Google. I have made an entire grilled chicken dinner by myself with the help of Google. Google gives directions to where you need to go, can explain how to make a proper meal and give you homework tips. Always abuse the privilege that is Google.

Third, it is okay to not eat healthy. It is okay to have that second can of soda and to finish the entire pizza by yourself. You are going to school, trying to juggle a job, your family, your friends, homework and group projects, making sure your laundry is done and all these other new adult responsibilities you may not have been prepared for. Do not feel bad about yourself, your weight, or what you are eating. Do not throw all your health habits to the wind but I am saying that you should never be hard on yourself for what you put in your body when you barely have time to think. Love yourself, love your body, and be okay with the fact that sometimes eating healthy just is not an option.

Living on your own can be expensive. Utilize recycling. Use old toilet paper rolls or old cans of soda for pencil holders and wash red solo cups instead of throwing them out. When you’re done with fabric softener sheets, tape them to a fan to freshen up your room. You can also use an old pizza box as a dust pan and if you are out of bag clips, a paper clip and even a pen can seal the bag.

The last, most important thing you need to know for adulthood is that it is okay to not be okay. It is okay to feel like you are drowning and to have $-2.84 in your bank account. Transitioning into adulthood is difficult and throw college on top and it seems nearly impossible. Do not ever feel guilty for not having it all together. One thing they do not tell you about being an adult is that is basically being an over grown child with responsibilities you think you cannot handle. But with the help of these life hacks, you can handle it in no time.



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