Netflix and Chill

Bailey Rueff, News and Opinion Editor

Remember when Netflix was nothing more than an easy way to binge-watch your favorite shows from the past and present? It was simply a way to relax by yourself. And then all the sudden –BAM- Netflix became seminomas with “Chill.” At first glance, that sounds like every girl’s dream, right? Your favorite shows, your snacks, your bed, and if you’re lucky, “cuddling.” There are undoubtedly some perks to Netflix-and-Chill-ing with a special friend, but there is NOTHING better than Netflix-and-Chill-ing by yourself.

Let me explain: the upkeep of being a good Netflix partner is just too much sometimes. You have to make sure your room is clean, the sheets smell good, the snacks are bomb, and environment is just right. As if that isn’t enough, most of the time you have to wear pants and be somewhat presentable. Unless you are in a fully-accepting and long-term relationship, most partners expect a certain heir of sexuality during this Netflix and Chill appointment. Gone are the days of truly watching Netflix and really just chilling.

Let us take a step back though, and think solo. Unless you live under a rock, chances are you come into contact with lots of people every single day. From school to work to play, you are probably not alone very often. While surrounding yourself with noisy blobs of flesh can keep life entertaining, it can also be exhausting. Sometimes you just need things to slow down and quiet down. Cue Netflix and Chill by yourself.

Perk number one: No pants necessary. Actually, no clothes necessary!

Perk number two: Who cares if your room is clean, your sheets smell good, or your hair is washed. It’s just you and your bed.

Perk number 3: Want Salt and Vinegar chips? Eat em. Want a big cup of coffee? Drink it. With no one around, you don’t have to worry about what you smell like or taste like.

Finally, perk number 4: Mental health. Numerous studies have shown that simply spending an hour to yourself can dramatically reduce the side effects of anxiety, panic disorder, and a multitude of other mental health illnesses.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes there is nothing better than curling up next to a special someone and enjoying a good round of Netflix and Chill. Other times, a long, hard day calls for Netflix-and-Chilling by yourself.

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