2019 Super Bowl match up predictions

Will Starwalt, Reporter

This year in the NFL has been crazy. The two super bowl favorites, the Rams are 10 and 1 and the Chiefs 9-1.  The New Orleans Saints are 9-1. The Cleveland Browns won multiple games, not just one, so that shows how crazy this year is. What’s craziest is that the Super Bowl champs are on a tough road to even make it to the playoffs. But, let’s take a look about who has the best chance at the super bowl. The Los Angeles Rams and the Kansas City Chiefs have the best offenses that the NFL has seen in a long time.

So, this is the predicted super bowl match-up, unless the saints have something to say about that. Drew Brees is leading the way, throwing the ball with a purpose and making it look way too easy. It is a very tight race all the way through until the end but we will have more on the playoffs when they come around, as well as the Super Bowl predictions.    


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