Soccer is a real sport



Paris Saint-Germain’s French forward Kylian Mbappe (L) falls on the football as he vies for the ball with Strasbourg’s French defender Kenny Lala (R)

Will Starwalt, Reporter

Soccer is a real sport because they play the most popular sport in the world. The players also usually run 5 miles in a game, maybe more. The hardest part about soccer is that a lot of the top players don’t get an offseason as they go play for their national team, so they always have to be in game shape. Soccer players get called for flopping, every sport has people that flop. Soccer just gets away with it because there are only 3 refs for the whole field. Basketball players get away with it and they have 3 refs for one side of the court. With a sport like football, you have people that play offense and defense, but in soccer, you have to be able to play both offense and defense to be a good player.   

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