Graduate Column: On to a new adventure


John Enright, Reporter

As a member of the Navigator News for less than one semester, I find that I’ve grown quite attached to the establishment in such a short amount of time. I honestly wish that I would have joined this group when I first started at Lake Land College in January of 2016. I have always enjoyed writing, but this place helped me broaden my horizons. Variety is the spice of life and this place has been the best opportunity, not only to change things up with my writing style but to grow as a writer.

With growth as a writer, I have also grown as a person thanks to the Navigator team. The people there aren’t just co-workers, they’re family. Never before have I been welcomed with such grace and warmth than what I was greeted with when I first started in the employ of the Navigator. Among the people, I want to thank is Zoë Donovan, our Editor-in-Chief, who runs the paper and keeps our world from falling apart. Her ability to lead with equal measures of authoritative strength, gleeful energy, diligence, and dedication is a model for what I would strive to be as a leader.

I also want to thank Designer Storm Aiken who, along with Zoë, embodies the heart and soul of the Navigator News.  She dedicates long hours toward the design and layout of the paper and the care in her work shows in everything that she does. Storm shares that care for all of us at the newspaper and her enthusiasm is contagious as it lightens the mood even during the dourest of days.

Other notable figures that our group just wouldn’t be the same without are Cedric Peoples, our Staff Photographer, and Distribution officer, and Copy/Managing Editor, Abigail Buenker. Sitting in a room with either of these two rewards one with rich conversation. These two are brimming with intelligence and talent for communication and an impeccable taste in humor.

I could go on and on. We have Valerie Lynch as our advisor and we have reporters Trevor, Matt, Will, Courtney and so on. All of you contributing to make the Navigator News what it is; a quality college newspaper that does well to inform and entertain. It is my hope that, as the Navigator grows and says its “goodbyes” and “hellos”, that future member will find and create that same environment; an environment that I have grown to love and will too quickly grow to miss. Thank you all.

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