Embracing the holidays: Christmas is the most magical time of the year


Brendan Hoffman

A Christmas tree at the Orthodox Church of Ukraine

Courtney Reel , Copy Editor

Joy to the world! It’s Christmas time! If you’re anything like me, the moment November 1st rolls around all you can think about is Christmas. You’ve started drinking hot cocoa, blaring Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” in your car and you even might have started lightly decorating your house for the season. There are so many things to love about Christmas!

There is definitely a magical feeling around Christmas time. Something about the decorative lights on all of the houses in town, the cheerful music playing on the radio and the smell of fresh-baked cookies is enough to get anyone in the Christmas spirit. There are so many fun activities that come along with this season that make it as wonderful as it is. Christmas movies, holiday music, holiday parties, ugly Christmas sweaters, gingerbread houses and ice-skating are a few of my personal favorites from the holiday season. Sure, receiving Christmas gifts is great but, shopping for gifts is a very rewarding thing to do during this season. The joy that comes from watching friends and family open hand-picked gifts on Christmas morning is priceless.

Christmas is a time of hope in the lives of the people all around you. Many people are going back home to be greeted by family members for the holiday while having the chance to reconnect with old friends. Others are using this time to be generous and give back. Some people are celebrating the birth of Jesus, who brought a new hope into the lives of those who believe that he is the savior of the world. Whether the season is about a bearded man who delivers presents or a baby in a manger, Christmas is about the happiness that awaits far beyond the season. You can experience the magic of Christmas when you hear cheerful songs on the radio, give a present to a loved one or friend or even decide that staying in and having a Christmas movie marathon by yourself is what will bring your heart joy. Spread the love this Christmas, maybe try a new tradition or do something generous, you could be the person who brightens someone’s holiday season and gives them the hope they’ve been looking for. Not to mention, having a joyful Christmas is a great momentum to start off 2019!

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