How To: Effectively Organize Your Life

Bailey Zacha, Photo and Web Editor


Spring is approaching fast and personally my favorite part about spring is spring-cleaning. Spring-cleaning can give anyone the feeling they need this time of year when life just does not seem in order. Being disorganized can lead to missed assignments, an over abundance of dirty clothes, and just general discontent. This is how you can clean up your life and feel refreshed this spring.

Make a list. What has really been bothering you? Is it the fact that shoes are strewn everywhere when walking in the door, or does the microwave REALLY need to be cleaned. Whatever the problem is write it down. Once the list is completed start to brainstorm the solutions.

Follow through. Plan the weekend or even take off a day to clean. First do a basic clean throughout the whole house or just the areas on the list. After everything is clean, then the organizing can begin. If the countless wires from your power strip are annoying you find a shoebox. Wrap the box or paint it, then cut holes for each cord on the long side of the box. Lastly, cut a hole big enough for the power strip to fit in, perfectly concealing and organizing the mess. You can even label each hole to make it look even more organized. Any other issues you have while organizing google is your best friend and will provide you with any cheap hack most of us would never think of.

Once everything is clean and organized sit back and enjoy. Life is now perfect, and you feel on top of things. So, do not let it slip away. Hang a paper or board up on the wall with weekly goals on it such as wash the comforter or clean the stove. Living in a clean organized home can make you feel instantly more optimistic. Do not let all the hard work go to waste, keep everything organized and have a truly successful spring cleaning!


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