The Cadillac Three bring a new level of energy to Champaign


Erika Goldring/Getty Images

Front-man Jaren Johnston of The Cadillac Three performs at Seven Peaks Festival

Trevor Hendryx, Reporter

The Cadillac Three, otherwise known as TC3 is a country rock band, or “Country Fuzz” band produced by Big Machine records from Nashville. I have seen them once before but never like this, never in this level of excitement. After attending the Cadillac Three concert I can assure that everyone who likes country or rock music would have been mind blown by the showmanship, the outrageously loud but good music.

The Cadillac Three take their “Country Fuzz” music and tear up the stage. With audience involvement, 10 minute guitar solos and always asking for “Col’ Bers” the crowd loved them and their attitude. The group played at the City Center in Champaign, Illinois which is a smaller stage than they are used. Even though it was a smaller venue than they deserve, they didn’t ever treat it like that. They saw the small environment and took it as a chance to light up and enjoy a more personal concert with their real fans who would watch them wherever they went. The group came into the venue with an amazing attitude that sent the crowd going wild. I always say that seventy-five percent of the concert is what makes a concert and the other twenty-five percent is the use of crowd involvement, attitude, and showmanship. In the case of the Cadillac Three, they played a one hundred percent concert.


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