Lake Land’s campus safety recognized by national survey


Courtney Reel , Copy Editor

Many students may not be aware of it but Lake Land has been named by as the safest campus in Illinois and the third safest in the nation. The college is completely devoted to maintaining the safety of the campus as well as going leaps and bounds further in order to improve the safety of our campus.

Kelly Alle, Director of Marketing and Public Relations and Jeff Branson, Chief of Police both opened up about the safety of Lake Land’s campus. The college does a variety of things to keep the campus safe. Alle remarked, “We care about our students and we want them to have a wonderful experience while they are here, safety is one of those aspects.” This year, the college conducted a survey for student satisfaction and there were two areas that addressed safety. The college exceeds expectations as far as the college’s responsiveness to students, and that the campus is safe and secure for all students. The survey was conducted nationally and asked the students to rank the college based on several campus factors. 761 students took part in this survey.

On any given day a police officer will be seen on campus, this is not done by chance. According to Chief Branson, “80% of what we do is community policing. We are in and out of the buildings all day long.” In addition, they take transportation into account when keeping students safe. They offer help to students having vehicle issues, “they arrive here on campus safely and we want them to leave safely as well.” The police want their presence on campus to make the students feel at ease and feel safe walking around campus, “The officers try to make their presence known, which is probably one of the reasons you don’t see a lot of crime on campus.”

Safety is definitely a top priority on campus. Chief Branson stated that “We want to provide a safe, comfortable environment for not only the students but the faculty and staff as well.” There are many emergency procedures in place and the campus police are trained to handle the safety issues and natural occurrences as they arise. They are proactive about planning for the “what-ifs.” Emergency responders are also work in collaboration with our police and have access to a campus map to ensure everything is handled in a timely manner as well as ensuring everything is properly taken care of. “We are constantly working not only with ourselves here at the campus, faculty, and staff, we’re also constantly working with the surrounding law enforcement. We have a great relationship with all of the law enforcement and emergency responders.”

The college has a number of cameras currently installed on campus and there are plans to install more. “That is there for the safety of the students and also the well-being of the students and faculty.” Branson is elated at the new location of the police on the main campus. With this new facility, more changes will come for the betterment of the campus and overall safety. New monitors displaying a continuous feed of surveillance will be up in the new facility for the police and authorized faculty to see. It will “provide another layer of safety” for the campus. They can also improve the response times with this new system. Other improvements will be to add more cameras and lighting in the parking lots.

Another important asset to the college is the emergency alert system that is sent by text message to the students. This facet of the college is co-managed by the police as well as the communications office. In the event of a campus closure, a message is sent out to notify students. This is a convenient way for the students to be aware of things happening on campus and other related matters.

Lake Land College students should take pride in knowing that they attend school at a safe campus. Lake Land offers small class sizes, outstanding police officers and friendly faculty. LLC prioritizes student safety. Students here don’t have as many safety worries as those on other campuses. Lake Land is very proactive about the safety of the students and the Safety Committee is always looking for opportunities to improve the safety of the campus.

There are always ways students can make themselves more aware and can help to keep the campus safe. Setting up the text alerts is one big way students can be made more aware by getting important notifications. Chief Branson stated that “The biggest issue we deal with on campus is theft, and it’s usually mislaid property.” One way the students can prevent this is to always keep track of their stuff. When driving, make sure to drive slow around campus and always be on the watch for pedestrians and always remember to lock your car doors. In the event of a student feeling unsafe they can contact the campus at the following phone number: 24/7 Main – 217-234-5432, Non-Emergency – 217-234-5066. In an emergency dial 911.  

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