Grocery & Home Supply Shopping Secrets


Kory Stone, Business

When you are a college student, you have a lot on your plate. So this month we figured we would help by offering ways to  fill your plate with more food and less work. Check out these grocery and home supply shopping secrets.   

If you find yourself up without any mode of transportation at all, you can always have your groceries and home items shipped to you. Companies like Amway and Amazon Grocery are just a few of the companies now offering the service of door delivered groceries and home supplies. Most of these companies also offer automatic recurring shopping services that can save you time by setting up your weekly, monthly, and or bi-monthly buys up for you automatically. As a rule of thumb, prices are usually a bit higher than the prices in the grocery store, but using them effectively offers several advantages that cause it to be much cheaper on many items.  Not to mention the gas and time saved.

If you are looking to buy local, and good for you if you are, then you will be happy to know that we actually have some pretty great options. To start with, Aldi’s grocery store in Mattoon is designed not only to save you money, but also time. Things like the ready-to-go stack-able boxes that can be reused for carrying groceries or their self-bagging system,make the store more efficient and money saving. Then there are things like the multiple bar code system on every product that make it super easy to be scanned the first time they go over the scanner. All these things and more save you on time and money.

Just down the road from Lake Land at 1510 Lake Land Blvd. is B & D, a salvage grocery store. This store offers some of the cheapest prices for name brand and discount products than anyone around. But there is a reason for that. The store takes in damaged, overstock, mislabeled and expired products. Many of the products will be defected in some minor way or another. These defects can range from dented cans to expired expiration dates. But there are also many treasures and deals one can find that definitely make it worth adding it to your list of shopping choices. They offer a wide variety of food and home products to choose from.  Just another way to help you save money.


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