ZEB Hall renamed to honor former President Lensink


Abigail Buenker, Managing Editor

In September, the Lake Land College Board of Trustees unanimously approved the renaming of the college’s Zero Energy Building to Lensink Hall. Trustees heard a request from Dr. Josh Bullock to rename the building in memoriam of Lake Land’s own sixth president Scott Lensink for his service to campus and the greater community.

Lensink was integral to the bringing the concept of the Zero Energy Building to life at Lake Land College. The building is powered by a series of solar panels and as its name implies, uses only sustainable energy. The building is a carbon neutral building, meaning that the emissions and energy use of the building calculate to zero. ZEB Hall is also home to a live laboratory, where students can study alternative energy systems. Sections of the building’s energy system are visible through glass panes where students are able to witness first-hand the technology used to power the building and other buildings on campus.

“There could be nothing more fitting than a building that represents his passion for sustainable energy,” President Josh Bullock remarked during the rededication ceremony.

Lensink helped the college secure several grants for advancing the use of sustainable energy and geothermal power opportunities on campus. The building has since attracted national attention from public officials and higher education leaders.

In addition to his efforts in creating a greener campus, Bullock said Lensink was known by his colleagues for his caring personality and for his ability to bring people together as a team.

Under his guidance, Lake Land received many state and national recognitions such as a designation by the Aspen Institute to be among the top ten percent of community colleges in the nation and recognition by SafeCampusUSA as the safest campus in Illinois.

Lensink first began his 20-year career at Lake Land as a business instructor and coach for the women’s basketball team. He eventually became the chair of the business division and vice president for academic services for the college. In 2007, Lensink was named president of the college and remained in the position for six years until his retirement in 2013.

Lensink passed away after his battle with cancer in 2016. The Lake Land College Board of Trustees posthumously awarded him in 2017 with the Distinguished Service Award. He was also named as one of the Top 50 Most Influential People in the History of Lake Land College

Lensink Hall currently houses the Human Resources and Marketing and Public Relations offices. The dedication ceremony was held on Friday, Sept. 28 at the college.


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