Lake Land’s Disc-golf Course

Benefit tournament to be held July 3

Lake Lands Disc-golf Course

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     If you ventured around campus at all, in certain places you would find some tall poles with bowl-style nets attached to the top of them. These are known as tonal poles, or “baskets” by those who are most familiar with them. They are actually goal poles for the game of disc-golf, or Frisbee-golf. According to student life advisor Valerie Lynch, the course was built in the fall of 2008 after former Lake Land student and trustee, Tyler Holsapple, got the ball rolling on its development.
The game works similar to golf in that the goal is to make it through the course with the least amount of throws as possible. The play begins on each hole with each player throwing from within a designated area usually signified by a cement or rubber tee-pad, and when you throw your first Frisbee at least one foot must be in contact with the tee. There are two types of targets; there is a basket target and an object target. Each can be pointed differently. The above picture is the layout of the course. This July 3rd, a memorial tournament for Paul Heckel, who died a few months ago due to complications with diabetes, will be put on by Lucas Thomas and friends and family of Heckel. For more info contact Lucas Thomas on Facebook for the official invite.FrolfBailey Zacha

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