NBA 2K19: video game review


LeBron James is the cover athlete for the 20th Anniversary Edition of NBA 2K19

Will Starwalt, Reporter

2K is a basketball game where you can play as your favorite teams from the NBA’s past and present and some different game modes within the game, every year a new edition is released and the newest one was released on Sept. 11. 2018.  Tyler Wilson, a student that buys the game every year had this to say following the release, “I feel that the game has gotten better from a gameplay standpoint. They made the neighborhood mode where you run around with your created player and you get to play street ball and make new friends and this year they even added stuff like dodge-ball, trampoline ball, you and your friends can even play catch with a football so there is something for all to enjoy when you get bored of basketball.”

Tyler plays the career mode when he’s not playing with friends. He plays on the newest mode, My Team, as it gains in popularity. In this mode players collect cards and try to build your team up from low ranking players to the greatest of all time players so you can dominate your friends and the world in the tournaments for cold hard cash. Some other modes that the game includes are My GM mode, in which you take the reigns of your favorite team and control every little bit of the team, from player morale to what you want to charge for french fries. Players get all the pressure that comes with these powers, as they have to make the fans, owner and the players happy or they could be fired.

Another game mode that is featured is My League where it is more focused on the team’s success than anything but in this mode a cool feature is that players can bring in all the old legends. These include: Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird and you can import the rosters of all the old teams and put them in this year’s league so you can finally settle the debate of who the best player in the NBA. And the final mode is Play Now, where can play as the present time teams, historical teams and the all-time great teams where it takes the best players from that franchise and puts them on one team. This year’s game has been better received than last year’s, the only question that remains is if they can maintain the raising standards for next year?


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