Mandatory advisement steer students towards success

Madolyn Hackler, Business Manager

As the fall semester comes to a close, it is that time to start registering for spring classes. Before students can sign up for classes there is one stipulation that Lake Land College requires that most other colleges do not, mandatory advisement. Having the mandatory advisement prevents schedule mishaps and is one way Lake Land makes college a more personable experience for their students. Lake Land requires all students to meet with an advisor prior to registration to ensure that time and money are not being wasted on unnecessary classes. Students are able to start making appointments with their advisors the day the schedule for spring classes is released and goes till the day registration begins. Students are able to talk with their advisors after registration, but the opportunity for the best schedule becomes less likely as classes usually fill up quickly. One of the biggest challenges for students is that they often do not know about the mandatory advisement.

To help inform students, the Student Activity Board puts on an advising event during the student activity period each semester. This allows students  learn what steps they need to take to ensure individual success. Whether students are trying to obtain a associates degree, transferring to a four-year university or pursuing a certification through a program on LLC’s campus, all the classes and requirements needed can be mapped out so that the end goal of graduation can be easily achieved. Actual registration for spring 2019 starts on November 5th for sophomore or those students with 29 or more completed credits at Lake Land, and November 6th for freshman. There are signs put around campus as a reminder to students that registration is coming soon. Students can also log into their laker hub and look under student demographics for further information on how to get in contact with their advisors.  


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