Hart’s humor keeps audiences laughing


Trevor Hendryx, Reporter

In the great efforts of Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish, the two composed an absolute hysterical movie that is bound to make every audience laugh. Throughout the movie Teddy (Hart) is attempting to get his GED to get a better job to impress his new fiancé that is a very successful woman. Hart’s character is mocked constantly throughout the movie through his usual inconvenience of being only 5’4”, his masculinity, and his stance as a man are also targeted as his fiancé pays for the meals, the cars and the house, while he has a job as a grill salesman. In a simple effort for the night school class to pass their GED exam they attempt to steal a copy of the answers from Teddy’s ex-rival, Stewart, who is the current principal of the school Teddy attends. He catches the crew and then conjures a devious trap to separate Teddy and his fiancé. Throughout this movie there is a constant flavor of Hart’s comedic style including “yo’ mama” jokes, his frustrations with being rather slow, and plenty of jokes that revolve around his size and masculinity. I would highly suggest this movie to anyone who is a fan of comical movies. I would rate this as a 10/10 is graphics, a 8.5/10 on story line, and a 7/10 laugh factor.


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