Respectful or Disrespectful?

Which one are you?

Allison Wheeler, Copy Editor

Respect for others. This is not something that seems to be a popular concept, if the comments circling campus are true. Over the last couple of weeks, I personally, have been hearing many stories of people who are being inconsiderate to others on campus. A few of those I have actually experienced myself. This is not meant to be a rag but more like a list of considerations that I hope to put in the front of your mind.

  1. Smoking on Campus. On several occasions I have witnessed and been smoke screened by individuals smoking on campus, and from what I hear, I am not the only one. Lake Land College is a non-smoking campus. If you need to smoke, please take your break inside your car. The rules have been made clear and there are stickers everywhere on campus so claiming ignorance is not a viable excuse. By disregarding the rules, for whatever reason, you are not only disrespecting those around you but also the college campus and its administration.
  2. Standing in groups in walkways. Lake Land’s campus is massive with many buildings and many classrooms, but even with this vast amount of space, there always seems to be someone standing in designated walk ways or common paths around the building. Please be aware of the traffic around you and how much space that you may be taking up. Could I walk around? Yeah maybe. But why? Because you decided to stand in the middle of a major path that many people use. Please be respectful of the area and the people moving through it.

These are just two examples of how to be a respectful person on campus, but stop and think of a few yourself. Is there anything more that you could do personally to improve your interactions with the fellow students around you?

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