Running at Lake Land College

Courtney Reel, Assistant Layout and Design

Lake Land College is the spot for many competitive cross country races. Lake Land is able to branch into high school and support runners in the area by allowing the campus to house cross country meets. The college will be home to many meets during the fall season including: The Mattoon Invitational and the Cumberland Invitational as well as various home meets through the Fall season.

For schools like Neoga High School, who don’t have access to a home cross country course, Lake Land has been able to offer the campus for meets and practices. They have a home-course advantage when racing on this course. These runners are able to gain the experience and know the course as they compete. The campus becomes a familiar spot in the minds of these runners. Many of them move on to attend Lake Land based on the proximity and familiarity that the campus has. I had the chance to talk to Tanner Clark, a former cross country runner for the Neoga/Stew-Stras team and current student at Lake Land College.

The Lake Land course has affected the lives of it’s runners for the better. “It gave us a place to not only have our own home meets, but also gave us a place to practice at so I think a lot of that had value to the program as a whole.” Since the course is available, the ability to run at Lake Land is open to anyone who would be interested. Running is such a universal sport. There is a low barrier of entry, no special rules and no equipment needed. Lake Land has a beautiful campus course available to run on. In the future, if the possibility of a running club was offered, students could open up the world of running without having to travel anywhere to run a 3 mile course. If this possibility for running in college was available, such as a running club Tanner expressed that “90% would join, I am pretty confident that I would join that.” Running is a great way to connect to other people while at the same time working out without the hassle of having to be skilled in a sport. The Cross Country course is one of the outdoor assets that is “enjoyed by students, staff, and the community”. Whether running is an interest of yours or not, take advantage of the outdoor areas at Lake Land College.


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