Student CEO: bettering lives through farm photography


Read all about LLC student and CEO Courtney Probst.

Courtney Reel, Assistant Layout and Design

Courtney Probst, a freshman at Lake Land College, has always had a heart for farm life. Growing up in the small town of Stewardson, she has always been surrounded by fields and livestock. Farm life has taught her to appreciate the animals, farmers and the community around her.

This former student of the Shelby County CEO program turned a hobby into a business during her senior year. She created “Udderly Unforgettable Photography”, a photography business specializing in farm life. Having grown up on a farm and loving photography, Probst wanted to give back to the farmers in her community.

“I grew up on a farm, so I wanted to show the hard work and effort that farmers put into everyday life. I wanted to take photos of the owners of the livestock so that they can have those moments with their animals to keep on display forever.”

She is surrounded by friends and family that support her hobby as well, “My dad really likes and appreciates it, being that he is a farmer.”

Photography is a passion that Probst has, “I have always loved taking pictures, I love to be able to show the beauty of nature and the world around me.” She is self-taught, learning skills mainly through Pinterest and Youtube. She has also had the opportunity to gain a valuable mentor through the CEO program that offers professional advice. Being a photographer, she now has a different perspective of the world around her.

“I sometimes look around and think, that would be a great picture! I look around for things to take pictures with too. People say that art can express something, I think that a lot can be expressed in one picture.”

Probst has already gained some amazing experience from being involved in the Shelby County CEO Program as well as from her business.

“I have been able to work side-by-side with a company to take pictures for their catalog and their website. I have met a lot of new and hardworking people that have taught me many lessons.”

As for the future, Probst plans on keeping her business somewhat as a hobby while she is in school. However, she isn’t closing up shop anytime soon and will remain available if an opportunity comes along.

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