The Nun Review: Where are the wholesome horror movies that we have come to love?

Zach Price, Reporter

Sadly, this fifth chapter in the Conjuring franchise is (despite a temptingly promising preview) nowhere near as scary, inspired or coherent as its predecessors. Early images of dimly lit rooms in the Vatican and the first glimpses of the haunted abbey bring to mind chillers like The Exorcist or The Orphanage. But viewers’ hopes are quickly dashed by the quick onslaught of jump scares (punctuated by sudden loud noises on the soundtrack) or characters waking up from “surprise” nightmares.

Most of the action takes place at night, so the filmmakers cloud everything with a grayish dimness, which allows the hastily assembled (or perhaps recycled) digital effects to blend in. Scenes that could have been moody or scary then play out like action scenes, with characters wrestling zombie nuns/nuns with shark teeth or chasing demon-possessed boys through the woods, etc. After all the noise and scuffling, it turns out there really isn’t much of a story here, nor much of a point. Perhaps worse, The Nun veers further away from the intriguing “true story” that inspired the original. Overall, The Nun feels dashed off, like a placeholder until the (hopefully) next real movie comes along.

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