Free college: Illinois Commitment Program

Trevor Hendryx, Reporter

The University of Illinois will be offering free tuition for particular incoming students, in the Fall of 2019. Illinois citizens under the age of 24 with a family income of less than $61,000 and less than $50,000 in assets have the right to free university tuition. The university has created this program to dissuade students from leaving the state and attending other universities.

This also takes a large weight off the shoulders of students who would otherwise be burdened with student loans. The program will allow freshmen attending UIUC eight continuous semesters of fall and spring classes. Transfer students will be granted six semesters of fall and spring classes.

To be eligible for the program, potential students must complete an application to the University of Illinois. Upon acceptance to the university, they must complete the Free Application for Student Aid (FASFA). Once students have completed both applications, they are allowed to enroll at the university with free tuition.

Although students will be receiving free tuition, they are still required to pay for their fees and incidentals that will have to be paid for out of pocket. The program does not cover room and board, intersession classes, study abroad programs, books, student expenses or any course fees. Even though these expenses will not be covered, students can still accept other forms of federal aid to pay for other needs.

There are no specific GPA or attendance requirements for students with the scholarship. All majors and fields of study are accepted and covered by the commitment program. This program is proof that Illinois is trying to create more opportunities for people that do not have the means to pay for university.

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