Positivity Corner: Sometimes life sucks

Storm Aiken , Layout and Design

Does life like to kick you when you’re down? Does it enjoy spitting in your face and stressing you out? Do you just need a break sometimes? Fear not, dear reader, for I am here to ease your troubles (for the most part)! I will be bringing you a healthy dose of positivity, and heartwarming feelings. This month, we’ll be talking about dogs. That’s right- good boys. I interviewed Lake Land student Connor Johnson to get an idea of how having dogs has affected his life in a positive way.

Connor has three dogs, and they’re all very different. The oldest dog is Frodo, who is about 12 years old. She is a lab mix and a rescue dog that they adopted when she was about two years old. The second is Pippin, and she is about 4 years old. She is a Weimaraner and a very happy dog. “We adopted her just after my mother’s birthday. She was smaller than a cat, and she liked to burrow into the car seats when we first got her,” Johnson said. The third dog is Bilbo, who is about 3 years old. He is a mini pinscher and was also a rescue dog. “He was actually rescued off the grounds of the U Hotel, and we adopted him less than a week after,” says Johnson.

Dogs can be an important part of people’s lives, and can definitely affect or change who they are. “It has definitely reduced the amount of space I have to sleep on my bed,” Johnson said. Joking aside, for Connor, his dogs are all-around happy and have become a major part of the family. “Whenever you come home, you know they missed you. They will jump all over you, and it’s amazing.”

Not only are dogs cute, but they can also help boost your mood and impact your mental health for the better. There’s just something about seeing their cute little faces that puts a smile on your face. Plus, who doesn’t love snuggling and petting them? They sure won’t mind the attention. They also have an astounding sense of empathy, so if you’re sad, they might sense that and will do things to try and comfort you. “If anyone’s upset, they will do their best to comfort, snuggle, and lick them all over until they’re happy again.”

I attempted to interview the dogs as well, but they were a bit shy. When Pippin was asked if having a human affected her for the better, she gave lots of licks and tail wags. When Bilbo was asked the same question, he gave some tail wags but otherwise seemed fairly indifferent. Frodo gave no comment on the topic and instead chose to play in the grass. I even got a question in with the cat Smeagol; I asked how it was living with dogs. That one was also met with indifference, but Connor roughly translated it for me, “Dogs make life annoying, but living with them is pretty alright I guess”.


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