New trustee advocates for funding


Cedric Peoples, Distribution Manager

In April, the new nominee for Student Trustee, Tessa Philpot, was officially sworn in. In a few short months, she has already made progress towards her goals.  As the Student Trustee, Philpot acts as a liaison between students, the Board of Trustees and the Student Government Association. This means that she attends a number of meetings, frequently reporting on campus issues and acts as an advocate on the behalf of all Lake Land students. Because of this, Philpot attends a variety of meetings: Board of Trustee meetings, Student Government Association meetings, and Illinois Community College Board meetings to name a few.

In the Student Advisory Board meetings that Philpot attends on behalf of the ICCB, she discusses issues and events with other student trustees. Philpot said about those meetings, “It was a really eye-opening and fun experience.”

She has done a lot of work as an advocate so far, including an appeal for more MAP grant funding for smaller community colleges like Lake Land. She also was invited to the Governor’s Youth Commissions Cabinet as a representative of the ICCB. This is the first time this cabinet has been formed and its first meeting will be on September 15th. Her goal as part of this Cabinet is to help some of the most underrepresented schools, especially smaller community colleges in central and southern Illinois.

“I feel like our region of the state is very unrepresented sometimes on the funding that we need compared to other parts of the state,” she said. “It’s important that our youth and our community college get the funding we need for our programs, as the quality of our education in part is dependant on that funding.”

Philpot also hopes to bolster a reputation of really caring for the student body. So far, she has tried to reach out to students to hear their concerns and has used student surveys to solve some of the issues that students have had in the past.

She also strives to be approachable by students of every kind. “If anyone sees me on campus, feel free to come up and talk to me. I enjoy hearing what’s going on your lives.”

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