Lake Land to offer food pantry options for students

Zoё Donovan, Editor-In-Chief

Lake Land is now offering a food pantry option that seeks to provide help for students in need. Lake Land has partnered with the Eastern Illinois Food Bank, based out of Urbana. The process for students receiving aid from the food bank is discreet and can be requested by an instructor or any faculty member on campus.

Food is collected from the EI Food Bank by faculty members who are available for collection as requests come in and the need arises. Currently, it is only available for students to fill out a shopping list, and collect food from an office or instructor.

Following the campus renovations, Sharon Uphoff says that, “there will be an actual food pantry room, where we hope to have people” and that they will “have hours and have them come and shop for things that they need”. 

The project was started by Dr. Stovall, and it is handled by mostly herself and Sharon Uphoff. The pantry was started with the intention to aid students who need it in a discreet and accessible way. Students who believe that they are eligible and need aid can contact Uphoff at her temporary office in the West Building in Ag conference room 072. 

There is a hope to also get clubs and other groups involved with food drives to help raise awareness and provide resources. Clubs looking to sponsor a food drive should contact Sharon Uphoff.

The food pantry is currently taking donations of the following items: spaghetti sauce, boxed cereal, canned fruit, peanut butter, jelly and re-usable shopping bags.


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