Student CEO creates Tombomb’s Adventures


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Thomas Quick, a recent graduate of Shelbyville High School and a student of the Shelby County CEO Class of 2018 is a freshman business major this year. He is also a business owner.

The Shelby County CEO program opened the door to entrepreneurship for the kids who entered into it. Quick was able to get hands-on experience in the business world through the program. He even was able to gain experience in event planning and decorating, both personal passions of his. During the year, students had to create their own functioning businesses. Thomas decided to create a bounce house rental company.

“We serve parties, events and public events. Our bounce houses are fully inspected and insured.”

How did he come to the decision to create this company? Why the bounce houses?

“I made 10 different business plans and after looking through which businesses would make the most profit, I came down to two. Both of them were dealing with events and dealing with the public. I noticed that there was no one around here that did bounce houses- the closest competition is in Moweaqua.”

His main inspiration for creating his business was the public and his personal drive for success.  “What got me to start my business is that I love kids, I love making people happy and I wanted to make as much profit as possible.

Being an entrepreneur has enabled him to work more closely with people and make connections while still making money. “I really love talking to people so any chance I get to talk to someone, especially about my business, I’m all for it.”

His business has enabled him to kickstart his educational career. He stated, “Going into college you have to think about money and money strategies. My idea was to get money from my business and transfer it to college”.

Going into college you have to think about money and money strategies. My idea was to get money from my business and transfer it to college.”

— Thomas Quick

There is always a fair share of obstacles in business, but Quick’s main concern is making sure that the customer is happy. He is very determined to be reliable and serve the customer in any way he can.

“If you need a bounce house, let me know what your budget is, and I’ll work with that budget 100%. I’ve gone as far as losing money just to ensure that someone got a bounce house. No matter what it took, I was going to make sure that little boy had something at his birthday party”.

As a CEO, full-time student and full-time employee, Quick is determined to continue and excel with his business (despite the added stress) and has his family to help out along the way.

“I am continuing my business through college. I will be expanding quite largely come this winter. With college and I work a full-time job, it’ll balance out. We currently have three employees and me that run the bounce houses. No matter what, someone will be available. My goal is to keep the business family based because my family helped me start this business.”

The future looks bright for Tombomb’s Adventures, and Quick was more than happy to share his future goals for his business.

“The end goal is to go into wedding and event planning, that is my passion. I’d love to open a chapel and a reception hall. Something I think would be really cool to bring here is an outdoor wedding chapel and ceremony space. That’s something we’re working on now.”

In one last remark, the CEO offers words of wisdom for those looking to be apart of the CEO class.

“Every single person should apply for CEO, it’s such a life-changing experience. Owning your own business is just a life-changing experience. Whether it’s lawn care, a t-shirt business, or jewelry. You learn a lot of new skills.”

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