From grading papers to passing laws

Seiler runs for state rep


Dave Seiler, Lake Land instructor runs for representative.

Trevor Hendryx, Reporter

One of Lake Land’s very own, Dave Seiler, a history professor here on campus, has decided that he is a valuable candidate to be the state representative from the 107
th district.

Dave says that he has always been interested in politics and wants his and other peoples voices to be heard. When asked about his big goals that he has, he humorously said “win”, then stated that he wants to be the voice for those who haven’t been able to be heard for quite some time. Dave said that the original plan was not for him to run, it started out that he was trying to get other people he knew to run, when they all declined potential candidacy he realized that what better person to run than himself?

One major reason that he is running is that “Lake Land doesn’t have any democrats in Springfield and I think it would be a great change”. Seiler says that he has had some former experience in the political field, he previously held the seat as the Effingham county chairman. He has never run for a position this high up before but he is going in with confidence that he can make a change and execute the job to the best of his ability. Dave Seiler in the seat could mean that Lake Land College has a voice, and with that voice, we could progress even farther as a school. Dave is very excited about his candidacy and can’t wait to get our voices out there.

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