Get flexible with the Pigeon Pose

Lily Ames, Designer

Welcome to the Workout Corner, the perfect place to find new ways to add to your routine! This month, let’s try the pigeon pose. Stretching is just as important as any other part of a workout, if not even more important. You can seriously injure yourself if stretching isn’t a part of your routine, and though it may seem like a waste of time, stretching can also make your workout more pleasurable by reducing soreness and increasing your durability.

The pigeon pose stretches your glutes and all around your hips.

To perform the pose, lay on the floor with your belly down and position your right or left leg under your hips. The leg should be folded down and your heal should touch the outside your hip. If your are in this position you should already feel the stretch, but to increase the affect you should push your chest up away from the floor. You can ever stare up if you feel that helps you.

This is a well-rounded stretch and a great use of your stretch time. Remember to be safe when working out.

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