The Radish: Hemp Beauty Products Cause Failed Drug Tests

Lily Ames, Designer

College students are finishing their spring semesters and applying for summer internships, perhaps full-time jobs. With those applications come the anticipated job interviews, and potentially, a drug test. To the shock of some fellow students and people nationwide, job applicants are failing drug tests! Not because they are truly guilty of any drug abuse, but because of their love for trending beauty products.

Those who use lotions, shampoos, lip balms, and hand creams containing “hemp,” know that you are in danger of failing your next drug screening. “Hemp” is just another word for “cannabis.” Cannabis is also known as “marijuana,” which is a popular street drug that is screened for in regular drug tests. While you won’t be lighting up you shampoo or conditioner anytime soon, the THC from the drug can be absorbed into your skin easily and terrifyingly.

Stores across the nation are selling products containing the substance to innocent American citizens, including adolescents. Even if a person purchasing the hemp products were to understand that cannabis was involved in the production of their beauty regimens, they most likely safely assumed that the hemp within the products would not have an effect on their job applicability. Oblivious consumers are trusting in the companies they are purchasing from and trusting in the U.S. government to inform them of the dangers of such lotions, shampoos, or lip balms.

If you think your beauty products may contain hemp, there are some ways to investigate into your own suspicions.

One, look at the ingredients list either online or on the back label.

Two, look at the name on the front of the bottle, does it have the word “hemp” anywhere in its the title?

Three, does the picture on the bottle have any large leaves like the picture featured in this article?

If so, you have probably been unintentionally soaking yourself in THC. Stop using the product immediately and wait at least one month before putting yourself in a position where you may have to be drug tested. If you used the product daily, especially if more than once a day, wait the maximum two-month period. Make sure and drink plenty of water, exercise to burn fat where the THC is stored, and read the labels on everything your purchase very carefully from this point forward.

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