Professor X


Before teaching, I dabbled in fields of all varieties. I drove a semi, worked in a butcher shop, and was at one point a State Farm salesman. I realized at 23 that I didn’t want to drive a semi for my whole life. I went to Utah State and then to Illinois state for graduate studies. I just fell in love with teaching. It’s kind of a safe space for me.

When I’m not teaching, I love to spend time  with my children. I have a seven year old daughter and three year old son. My daughter is in second grade and my son is in preschool.

My daughter is currently really into Harry Potter. She’s very intelligent and eager to learn. Just last month, the kids and I went to a story hour at the Champaign Public Library. I can’t recall the book, but what caught my interest was that it was over Spanish, English, and Quechua (ketch-wah). Quechua is the indigenous language of Peru. I’m really interested in language, especially dialects of Spanish speaking peoples.

It’s nice to live in Champaign where U of I students get to share their learning with the community. We live close to downtown Champaign, so they are able to take part in a lot of local activities. At least until I win the lottery. Then we’re moving to Spain.

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