Comedian Kevin Yee coming to Lake Land



Comedian, Kevin Yee is stopping by Lake Land on April 11 in the Luther Student Center Theater.

Ethan Neal, Reporter

Kevin Yee, a one of a kind, “original” comedian is preparing to make all of Lake Land laugh on April 11, in the Luther Student Center Theater.

To continue the theme of witty entertainers onstage (comedians Coleman and Kober also performed two weeks before), the SAB is hosting Yee at 11 A.M.

According to his “about” page on, the man behind the microphone has never shied away from being in the spotlight. He was first introduced to the entertainment industry, only at the age of 6. Musical theater gave the early artist the chance to be in three major productions: “Mary Poppins,” “Wicked” and “Mamma Mia!” His time on Broadway and traveling on the road during a ten year time span eventually landed Yee as a member of the short lived, six member boy group, known as Youth Asylum.

From his mid teens to adulthood, Yee sang in Quincy Jones’ failed act, which was practically The Backstreet Boys, but with little flare and teenage members of all races.

Despite becoming another glamorized and sensational act of the late 1990’s, Yee was promoted falsely.

In an interview with ‘News & Observer,’ Yee reflected on his time as a self-contained idol, stating that his management intentionally pushed him to act straight, in order to cater to the female audience. In actuality, Yee was and is a gay male.

“That experience taught me that I couldn’t be gay in the music industry,” Yee said.

After stepping out of the boy group craze, Yee continued to further a musical career, but online. Since departing, Yee has begun to upload fun parody and original videos, as well as skits. Generally, the part-time YouTuber uploads approximately 5 to 6 videos every year. His latest video, featuring a cast of eccentric and lively characters honored a popular Christmas tradition.

Most recently, Kevin Yee has cruised in comedy legs across the country, at the SF Sketchfest, Blue Whale, and Cape Fear, Boston Pride, and Washington Pride. As of 2018, Yee is a speaker at clubs, auditoriums, universities, and colleges alike. Before arriving onstage on April 11, the comedian is heading to Centralia.

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