School walkouts make students’ voices heard

We are at a time in history that seems to be constantly blotted with the fear of school shootings and violence in public places. Following the Parkland shooting in Florida that left 17 individuals dead and 16 injured, students are taking a stand. The Parkland students were thrust into the spotlight following the tragedy and several have taken this as a chance to try and make a change.

March 13 saw thousands of students walking out of class for 17 minutes, one minute for each of those who were killed. They are protesting the lax gun laws that allowed the shooter to legally and easily obtain the weapons he used, even with his violent history.

School walkouts are a form of protest that use nonviolent means to bring the extent of an issue to light. Similar forms of protests include that of the Sit-Ins during the civil rights era, forcing people to see the problems and making a change for the better. The students who are protesting are exercising their rights to freedom of speech, expression and peaceful assembly.

The students involved are working towards what they believe will be the best option, and are handling it in a dignified manner. Though there may not be an immediate change they are nonetheless creating a conversation and bringing awareness to the issues at hand. It is incredibly brave of the students who participated and continue to work for a change. The voices of kids are rarely taken seriously, but this generation is making its voice heard.

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