Workout Corner: Split Squats

Lilly Ames, Designer

Welcome to the Workout Corner, the perfect place to find new workouts to add to your routine. This month let’s try split squats!

Split squats are more efficient than regular squats, building on the thigh’s quadriceps and hamstrings and the oh-so-important booty muscles (also known as glutes.)

To start, grab two dumb bells. The weight of course can vary–I personally use 15 pound dumb bells at the moment, but push yourself more if you think you can handle it. With a dumb bell in each hand, find a bench or other elevated surface that is at least knee high. Face away  from the bench and lift one leg up to set the toes and the front of the foot on the bench and hop forward until the leg is straight. With a straight back, squat down on your lead leg, and then push yourself back up. Complete a set on the first leg, than switch legs and do the same amount of reps on the other.

Add this to your routine, and you will have fit legs in no time.



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