Lovelace captures spirit of broken girls

Derby Roan, Editor in Chief

Not all tragedies are good books.

I know most of the classics are tragedies, and yes, they are so impactful because they are sad. But, many tragedies lack substance beyond emotion.

‘The Princess Saves Herself in This One’ is not one of those tragedies. Despite how horrible the events of the book are, author Amanda Lovelace manages to paint them with hope and delicacy.

Not all poetry is good.

A lot of it loses the plot in its vagueness or oversimplifies to the point that all elegance is lost.

‘The Princess Saves Herself in This One’ is not one of those poetry books. Lovelace somehow walks the line between letting the reader fill the blank space and making sure there are definite bounds of blank space to fill. It’s modern poetry at its best.

If you like sad things, if you like short things, if you like romance, if you like independence, if you have ever hurt… This is a book for you. Though it’s a tale of terrible loss and pain, it’s also a tale of overcoming. It’s a reminder of a struggle, but a beacon of hope.

Most importantly, it sends the message that we don’t have to rely on other to recover from whatever struggle we’ve endured. Instead, it’s a message that we can overcome any struggle on our own. We can slay our own dragons.

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