Guilty Pleasure Habit: Self Care

Catrina Oberfeldt, Multimedia Manager

I am most certainly a creature of habit. I have a very specific way that I eat, clean, sleep, and do everything in between. Most of these habits I feel weird about if someone notices them, but not always guilty.

I feel that the one that gives me the most joy, but that I also am a bit guilty about, is my spending habits. At one point I would buy clothes and material items, but I realized I was being crazy about it and decided to cut back my spending. I decided it would only be things I needed or that I would actually use. So naturally, my compulsive need to spend went toward things I would use to make myself happy: self care items.

So, I bought some lotions, then masks, then skin care. The skin care has been my biggest vice. I have oily combination skin, so I had to try everything to find what would work for me. Then, I moved on to crystal healing and essential oils. I have so many items that I get uncomfortable when I have to pick what one to use, so I’m not likely to get through any of them. But my skin is nice and it makes me happy, so I’m probably going to continue the habit.

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