The Radish Presents: Forbidden Snacks

Catrina Oberfeldt, Multimedia Manager

The latest act adults have started shaming teens for is the consumption of certain forbidden snacks. You know which one I’m talking about. Many teens have taken to bringing a fun meme to life in the Tide Pod challenge. This challenge is to eat the common household item, but as anyone who has seen the challenge is aware of, the challenged tend to spit out a perfectly good snack.

Parents and news outlets all over the country have lost their minds over this fairly harmless challenge. I mean, sure, some people were hospitalized, but it’s not like that ever stopped the gun situation. In honor of this challenge, and the failure of the most important aspect of it, The Navigator News has decided to share a few snacks of our own.

Firstly, the cotton candy textured insulation in your wall? Obviously a forbidden snack. Throwback gel pencil grips? Delicious gummy pasta! Orbeez bubble tea? Or should we just stick to everyone’s favorite, a bowl of Tide Pods and bleach?

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