D and Chi: the “musical smoothie”

Ethan Neal, Reporter

On Feb. 7, the Student Activity Board hosted the self-described “indie-acoustic-hip-hop-pop-rock” duo, D and Chi on the Laker Point stage, where they harmonized together for over an hour.

“I met Chi when I was in sixth grade,” the guitarist and singer, “D” said. “We went to the same (middle) school and we both studied music in college.”

Since their days as college students, both friends have worked endlessly to get started on the right track with their music. Entertaining at numerous venues in and around Dallas, Tex., the singers upheld admirable success within their community.

A colleague of D and Chi gave the advice that they should play their music in the streets of Downtown Dallas.

During a break in the performance, singer, Chi admitted that they were “scared to death” when they were street performers in the Bishop Arts District of Dallas. Though, for D and Chi “good gas money” was earned as a result of their talents.

From that point onward, both D and Chi wanted to become something more with their music. “Let’s get a full band,” remarked Chi. They did just that.

As a part of their Midwest Quest tour, Lake Land was the duo’s twelfth of twenty seven stops.

“You guys have a cold state!” announced Chi as he stepped onto the stage.  

The music during the S.A.B. event remained consistent, with one member strumming an acoustic guitar and singing, and the other, standing still, also singing, sometimes in unison with one another. However, Chi brought in a few tones of hip hop, rapping acapella in between a track on occasion.

Each song told a story, which could resonate with any teenager here at Lake Land. Messages of disconnected lovers in “Dancing In The Rain” and “I’m So High School” were present. “You Matter To Me” reminded the audience that their existence does matter, and somewhere out there, a person loves you. “Supernova” and “Miles” are the frustrations of not being able to see the one you loves. Additionally, D and Chi did a fun spin on Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” and Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.”

The twelve songs performed, nine of which were originals from the duo, were:

“Stubborn Love”
“Dancing In The Rain”
“I’m So High School,”
“You’re My Sweetheart”
“You Matter To Me”
“Shake It Off”
“If You Are”
“One Way Street”

Undoubtedly, the most captivating moment from the show was their eleventh song called, “If You Are.”

Chi declared that “If You Are” was the “opportunity to take us to the next level. We’re with Sony, and this song has the ability to be on TV and music shows. We’re counting on you guys. Can we count on you?”

Before its official release date on March 9, D and Chi sang “If You Are” exclusively to the audience.

The attendees were encouraged, and indeed followed through to sing along to the chorus, the infectious, “woah-oh-oh.”

After the show, official D and Chi jumpers were offered for sale to anyone who wanted to help out the duo.

On their particular unique and vibrant sound, Chi summed it together as “a musical smoothie. It’s definitely pop music, but it’s unorthodox.” Chi mentioned that for his image in particular, he embraces his Nigerian roots by going onstage and wearing traditional Nigerian clothes.

Later this year, you can expect D and Chi to release a studio album. It’s already in the works according to Chi, and it’s a project that they’re extremely excited about.

To discover more about D and Chi, you can hear their music on soundcloud, Spotify and iTunes. The band is also active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, at “dandchimusic.”

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