Titanic or Olympic?

Famous shipwreck may have been mix-up

Zoë Donovan, Managing Editor

File:Olympic and Titanic.jpg
Wikimedia Commoms

The Titanic sank in 1912. This is common knowledge to most people, and most don’t delve much deeper into things from there, apart from maybe watching a movie about a budding, but eventually tragic, love story. However, to some conspiracy theorists out there the Titanic didn’t sink that fateful night in April. That isn’t to say they don’t believe a ship sank; instead, speculators have come to the conclusion that the ship that actually sank was The Olympic.

The Olympic had already had an incident the year before and the White Star Line switched the new and improved Titanic out for the Olympic in it’s maiden voyage. Theorists site photos that show differences in window spacing and size on the two ships, and that many of the more lucrative guests who would have possibly been informed and involved with the incident cancelled reservations on the ship’s maiden journey.

One of these more lucrative guests was J.P. Morgan, who cancelled due to his wife’s health, however they were later spotted on a “motoring trip” states one theory. Another reason that supports Morgan’s involvement was his removing bronze statutes from the Titanic less than an hour before it departed.

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