Guilty Pleasure: Binge Gaming


Zoë Donovan

Building Paradigms in Final Fantasy XIII

Zoë Donovan, Managing Editor

It took me a while to come up with something that would be considered a guilty pleasure habit, mostly because there isn’t much I do that I feel bad about. Sure, I crochet and feel like a grandma when I do that. I write fanfiction that I will never share with my name attached anywhere. I’m fairly open about these habits and don’t necessarily feel bad about them.

However, as deadline for these articles loomed above all of the Navigator Staff, myself included, I instead decided that playing 40 hours of Final Fantasy XIII in a little over five days would be a good idea. My tendencies of binge gaming are in fact a guilty pleasure, as I always feel bad about it afterwards. Now, with this one must know that before this I hadn’t touched my Xbox since probably Mid-December. Another problem that comes from this sudden uptick in gaming is that I dream about them. I can’t count the number of times I’ve dreamt that I was masking wearing, giant butterfly knife wielding assassin Corvo Attano, from Dishonored, or that I’m fighting demons from DMC with dual wielded pistols and a fun sword.  More recently though my dreams have been filled with fight sequences that contain paradigm shifts and are turn based.


Due to this sudden burst of nothing but video games for a week, maybe two and then my avoidance of them for several months, I’ve never been able to fully utilize a paid online membership. Knowing myself, after deadline and after I catch up on school work and other things I’ll finally have time to play video games. However, I’m well aware that as soon as I actually have time I’ll fall back into my neglectful state of gaming.

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