Greider promotes interaction, even at a distance

Zoë Donovan

Zoë Donovan and Abigail Buenker

Alumni of both Lake Land and EIU and Mattoon native (though he now lives in Effingham), Matthew Greider is one of the current History instructors with Lake Land College. His office space is simple, but the shelves are lined with history books of various eras and biographies.

He now teaches both U.S. History classes, History and Culture of the Third World and Western Civilization classes. However, before Lake Land he taught high school in South Western Illinois. He said teaching high school and college are each a different experience.

“The problem with high school is that there’s too much non-education stuff that interferes with education,” Greider said.

Greider usually teaches from Kluthe. However, because of the Distance Learning at Lake Land he is able to teach at the Kluthe Center and the Mattoon simultaneously. He still comes to the Mattoon Campus once every week or two to address questions that students might have. He is able to do the same thing from his classroom there and into Kluthe as well. He’s been teaching for the Distance Learning classes for the majority of his time here.

Greider became an instructor because he enjoys meaningful interaction.

“I’ve always liked interacting with people.  I like interacting with people in a way that’s not just sitting down and talking.” He said he prefers it when “There’s something going on, learning.”

It is evident in classes that he very much cares about the material he is giving to students. Greider also occasionally works alongside the Effingham County Cultural Center and Museum and gives presentations at events. One such event being a presentation on the relationship that Lincoln shared with the press of his time.

With some digging, one can also find that Matthew Greider was once a regular columnist for the Lake Land College Student Newspaper in the early 90’s, when it was called the Lighthouse. 

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