Professor X: February 2018


Catrina Oberfeldt, Multimedia Manager

It’s 10 a.m. Tuesday morning. It has taken an hour to get to campus. After fighting for parking and maneuvering around students leaving for the day, I finally find a spot. I grab my morning coffee and head inside. As I walk in the door, I always say hi to some of my colleagues. One from the physics division, two who teach speech, one who teaches composition, and, if they’re here, the dental hygiene instructors.

I see my office door and see my humor, beliefs, and interests reflected in it. The most colorful item on my door is the Safe Zone sticker. It represents the training I went through to prepare myself and other professors to help students with questions or concerns about their safety or how they fit in the college environment. It is especially here for LGBTQ+ students, but also signifies an open door and a safe space for all students. That is actually one of the few items on my door that isn’t humorous.

I have quite a few online classes this semester, so a good chunk of my day is spent in the office, grading or helping students with their courses. I teach multiple sections of two different courses every semester. To be cryptic, one is a course everyone has to have, and the other is one not many people take. The latter is one most people have completed by the time they arrive at Lake Land. Some semesters, I have enough students to do the next courses in that series, but it depends on turnout.

I look at the time and realize I need to leave to teach a class. I grab the remainder of my Espresso Royale iced coffee and balance my books in the other arm as I walk out of my office. Chao!

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