Guilty Pleasure Music


Derby Roan

The JoBros jam out in this screenshot from the music video for ‘Year 3000’

Derby Roan, Editor in Chief

It’s hard for me to feel guilty about my taste in music, because all of it feels right in my heart. If it didn’t, I wouldn’t listen to it. Most of the music I listen to means something to me. One of the few exceptions is the Jonas Brothers.

While the JoBros and I have a lot of history (nine years, I think), their songs aren’t particularly meaningful. I struggle to justify listening to them, and have settled on the response of “Who doesn’t love the Jonas Brothers?” when friends question my choices. This is not a valid reason or excuse, but they never push further.

My favorite album is their first, ‘It’s About Time,’ which my dad pirated for me when I was in fourth grade. The album features the soulful ballad ‘Please Be Mine,’ their hit ‘Year 3000,’ and a lot of other songs about girls.

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