The Cardinal Caravan

Baseball players visit Lake Land


Will Starwalt

Cardinals players respond to fans’ questions in a panel at Lake Land on Jan. 13.

Will Starwalt

The Cardinal Caravan stopped by Lake Land college on Jan. 14 and included current players Luke Voit, Alex Reyes, Sam Tuivailala and Dakota Hudson as well as alumni Ray King. The event was emceed by KMOX radio host Chris Hrabe

The event started with a birthday song for Ray King, who turned 44 on Jan. 15. When asked what they like most about the caravan events, all the players had about the same response: that it pumps them up and gets them ready for October. They were asked questions about the huge Cardinals/Cubs rivalry and talked about how it brings out the little kid in you, playing for the love of the game and nothing else. They said every year is a bulldog fight, but they are ready for it this year.

“I’ve played for both Cardinals and the Cubs, but once I put these birds on my chest it really changed my perspective on this rivalry,” King said. He also told the kids in the audience if they are in sports that they need to remember it’s a team sport not an ‘I’ sport.

The players were also asked about their most memorable moment, and for all of them it was the first time they stepped onto the field. Ray King also talked about when he was a little kid in St. Louis watching in the stands and when he got his first start in Busch Stadium, he looked right where he sat and then it kicked in to him that this was really happening. Alex Reyes, near the end of the panel, spoke Spanish to his friend that was in the crowd and gave everybody a good laugh as most attendees (including me) could not understand them.

But, the players ended the panel and they proceeded to sign everything the fans had brought with them to the event. The Cards packed the Laker Field House and made everyone at the event just as ready for baseball season as the players themselves.

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