Zafón intrigues readers in Spanish and English

Zoë Donovan, Managing Editor

The debut novel by Carlos Ruiz Zafón manages to capture childhood innocence, a compelling mystery and create a world that makes the magic it speaks of fit well all while still being a relatively easy read. ‘Prince of the Mist’ was originally written in Spanish, but it doesn’t read as if it’s been translated. Lucia Graves, the translator, has done a fantastic job of ensuring that the same ambiance of the world holds up in translation.

It’s hard to find the correct words to describe ‘Prince of the Mist.’ It follows 13-year-old Max after his family has moved to a quiet coastal town. Once they move in, strange things begin happening and they discover Jacob, the son of the last family who lived there had drowned. Along with his sister Alicia, Max befriends Roland, another boy in town. This kicks off a summer full of adventure and mystery that he’ll never forget.

This book can be read by pretty much any age. Zafón originally published it as a young adult novel, but had hoped that anyone at any age would be able to look back and read it. I was introduced to it by my grandfather, which proves to be a testament to Zafón’s own hopes for the book.


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