Politicians for president, not celebrities



Oprah Winfrey arrives at the 2015 Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Beverly Hills, California February 22, 2015. Recently, many have suggested Winfrey as next president of the United States.

Ethan Neal, Reporter

In a continuous whirlwind of sexual allegations being brought to day, and the #MeToo movement, forefront and united as one voice to have their stories heard, on January 7th, 2018, at the Golden Globes, the well-liked and versatile persona Oprah Winfrey made waves with her personal and encouraging message in front of the elite of Hollywood.

Her message, dedicated to “all the girls” made many of the actors, actresses and viewers watching closely rise off their seats for a standing ovation.

But online, the standing ovation went on for far too long, dragging into a forced and ridiculous campaign to elect Winfrey as the next president of the United States. To break a few hearts on the matter, Oprah Winfrey nor any other inexperienced high-up figure does not deserve the right to lead and protect the United States of America, solely over an acceptance speech.

Upon entering and graduating from Tennessee State University, Winfrey studied speech and drama, not political science or law. Simply put, Winfrey has devoted much of her life working in the entertainment industry as an actress, show host, director, producer and so on. If she truly wanted to sit back in the Oval Office one day, it would have been to her advantage as a college student to develop and build a foundation in politics.

Winfrey is angry. And, she has every right to be. To learn the news of former colleague Harvey Weinstein and his despicable desires toward other women, she must have felt disappointed in herself and with Weinstein. However, her feelings from the night of the Golden Globes to a summer day in 2019 will have likely been altered. For all we know, the #MeToo movement could be almost nonexistent in the next year, so why vote for Winfrey in the first place? The reason you were in favor of her was because of the frustrations and resonance in the speech. Also, who isn’t to say that Winfrey carries around more views on controversial topics? It may be shocking, but her views on immigration, diplomatic relations with other countries, and the drug crisis may be completely different from your own.

What sort of lesson does this teach the young and old, hardworking boys and girls, as well as the men and women, who are actually invested into becoming a politician, or are currently a politician in office? Will they come uninspired and give up their devotions, seeing another celebrity take oath in the heat of the moment? Will senators and congresspeople alike resign, do to the faulty state of the current government? It is all very much possible.

As moving and necessary as Winfrey’s speech was, she belongs where her role is best suited–in the entertainment business. Oprah Winfrey in office would be one pathetic joke to Americans and civilians around the world. When the 2019-2020 campaign rolls by, I ask that you, the voter, take the time to reflect on the candidates and choose the person who has been qualified to serve in office, based on their experience as a politician, and not the personality who spoke at an awards ceremony.

Paul Drinkwater/NBC
Actress, Oprah Winfrey delivered her message onstage during the 75th Golden Globe Awards. Online, the speech sparked the idea of an Oprah Winfrey presidency.
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