Lakers Link


Zoë Donovan

Students and student leaders alike get to know one another at Lakers Link on Feb. 14.

Derby Roan, Editor in Chief

Spend Valentine’s Day making connections… Wait, not the romantic kind. Student Activity Board is hosting Lakers Link, a social interaction game, on Feb. 14.

Students can come and get to know the clubs and each other at 11 a.m. that Wednesday. Lakers Link was the brainchild of SAB member Kyle Lindsay, who said he hopes the event will boost students’ interaction with clubs and within the student body.

“We definitely want it to be a social interaction game. Actually getting people to open up, actually getting people to laugh, smile, get to know each other,” Lindsay said.

He said the idea was inspired by his experience at Western Illinois University.

“It stemmed from me being a transfer student from Western Illinois,” Lindsay said. “[Lake Land] was welcoming, but I wanted to get more involved with students. Those are your classmates, those are the people that you interact with the most, hopefully.”

Lindsay said interaction is one thing Lake Land seems to lack.

“It would be interesting to see people actually communicating, interacting. We kind of just go to the student center, eat, and nothing really happens. We just disperse,” Lindsay said.

But, he feels that increased interaction with student organizations would improve relations on campus.

“Who are our SGA leaders, who are our SAB leaders? Actually making that connection. Not everybody knows. I don’t think we’re active as much as we can be,” Lindsay said. “I wanted Lakers Link to be that first step to actually let people know, hey, we are really here for you guys. So now, I really want every group here to get involved and just introduce ourselves together.”

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