Are you ready for the Super Bowl?

Will Starwalt, Reporter

The Super Bowl, for some people, is just the end of football season (finally). For others like myself, the Super Bowl is the best match-up the NFL has to offer between the best teams it has.

For some, it is a time to place all kinds of wacky bets on every odd thing you can think of. There have been some odd bets in the past, like who Donald Trump will pick to win the game, what the first song of the halftime show will be, and even the result of the coin toss. But despite all of the betting, there is still a game that  needs to be played.

At this time, it is before the NFC and AFC championship, so the Patriots are heavy favorites going into the AFC game being this past season’s champions. And for the NFC, the Minnesota Vikings are the slight favorites by 3.5 points over the Eagles. But, no matter what happens this weekend there will be two teams playing for the Super Bowl on the biggest stage of them all.

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